Monday, September 15, 2008

Hi From Baarney, The Spokesdog

Hi everybody:

My name is Baarney, and yes that's the correct spelling. You see, I am a Bedlington Terrier and I kinda look like a little lamb, so I spell my name with two a's because lambs go "baa." My sister Tabaatha and I try our best to care of our Mom and Dad. It is difficult raising parents, as I'm sure you are all aware. We live in nice sunny Florida, and I love to play outside with my sister, when Mom or Dad takes us for a run. My Dad has a big Harley motorcycle and he takes Tabaatha on a ride once in awhile. I don't care for the bike, because it's pretty loud. My stupid little sister doesn' t seem to mind. I would rather go for a ride in the car sitting on Mom's or Dad's lap. Sometimes they let me drive.

I'm a working dog and my most important job is being Spokesdog for my Mom's company Read My Paws. My Mom and Dad always take me everywhere and Mom was concerned I didn't have the right outfit for events. Like when we go to a motorcycle event or do a 5K run...stuff that my parents and I do together. So Mom decided she needed to make some shirts that dogs could wear that were fun and reflected the lifestyle parents and doggies share. My Mom also saw Read My Paws as a way to help with the "rescue" and "adopted" puppies. We even had to make shirts for the humans because they got so jealous of our designs.

The most popular shirt is a 100% organic shirt for doggies and humans that says "Recycle Adopt a Dog." My Mom is totally into organic and us being green so she said adopting doggies is the best form of recycling. This shirt was picked by Modern Dog magazine as one of their best in their summer issue. We have lots of fun shirts available. Even some for my little sister Tabaatha and her friends - the "Diva" group. Mom made one shirt just for Tabaatha. It says "Nobody Tells the Princess No" and boy is that the truth!

I'm gonna be in charge of the Read My Paws blog. I'll keep you updated on all our news and cool stuff. Occassionally I might let Tabaatha write something. She is the Top Model for the company.
Tell your parents to look on the site, They will be sure to find you something nice for your Birthday, Graduation, Christmas or some other special day. Plus, Christmas is coming!