Friday, June 19, 2009

Today Is The Anniversary of Tabaatha Becoming A Princess

Since today is the two year anniversary of the day Tabaatha came to live with us and changed our world, I let her take over the blog to tell her story.

Once upon a time, there was a mommy who never owned a doggie. She had bad allergies so couldn’t have one. But after some tough times, the mommy told the daddy she was getting a doggie to cheer them up. Not any doggie, but a lamb doggie. So, the beautiful lamb dog Baarney arrived and life was suddenly wonderful and everyone was happy.

The mommy made 2 rules when she got the lamb doggie Baarney. She said no lamb dogs would ever sleep on the bed, and they would never have 2 lamb dogs. After about 3 months with the beautiful, sweet lamb dog Baarney, he suddenly slept an entire night on the bed and has never left it since. The mommy said it really wasn’t a hard and fast rule so it was okay.

But then when the beautiful lamb dog Baarney was about 1 ½ years old, the mommy suddenly kept talking about how maybe another lamb dog to keep Baarney company would be nice. The daddy and the beautiful Baarney just laughed when the mommy wasn’t looking because they knew what was going to happen. Then, the mommy declared 6 months before her birthday that she knew what she wanted for her birthday. She wanted a new lamb dog. The daddy and Baarney new there was no stopping her so they went along. The daddy made only one request…that they get another beautiful boy lamb dog to go with Baarney. The mommy didn’t care as long as she had a lamb dog. The mommy checked with the breeder lady where they got Baarney and found out that new lambie dogs were going to be born and available to be taken home almost exactly on the mommy’s birthday. She cried and said yes she wanted a baby boy lamb dog and couldn’t wait.

The mommy decided that the new baby lamb dog would be called Waally and his official name would be Waally World of Ewe! The mommy told everyone about Waally and was so excited. Then, one day the call came. The lamb dogs were born but there was one problem. There were no Waallys. There were no boys. The mommy was shocked and cried. She told the breeder lady she would get back to her but they would probably have to wait for a boy because daddy insisted on a boy. The mommy spoke to the daddy and was crying. It looked like no lamb doggie for awhile. But the daddy just laughed and said he already talked to the breeder lady and mommy should go get her little girl lamb dog.

Suddenly the mommy realized she didn’t have a name for her little girl. It needed to go with Baarney. So, after thinking and thinking, the daddy said the name and they knew it was the right name. They knew they were going to have a baby girl lamb dog named Tabaatha.

The mommy talked to the breeder lady and told her she wanted a beautiful tomboy. Someone she could play with and run with yet looked beautiful. The breeder lady said she had the perfect little girl lamb dog. She was beautiful, she was so sweet, she was so smart but…she was full of herself. From the moment she was born, she thought she owned the world. The mommy and daddy just laughed and couldn’t imagine a little puppy being like that so they said yes.

On June 19, 2007, the mommy used some of her frequent flier miles and flew to Reagan National Airport in Washington to get the baby girl lamb dog. The mommy had bought a beautiful pink bag to carry her in, had a baby lambie blanket and a baby lambie toy. At about 9:30 am, in the airport, the breeder lady handed the mommy the beautiful baby girl. It was love at first site. The baby lamb dog Tabaatha kissed and kissed the mommy and snuggled into her neck. The mommy just cried. The baby lamb girl was pure black and weighed 4 lbs and had the best puppy breathe and puppy smell. The mommy had her perfect girl. So the mommy and the baby lamb dog girl spent several hours in the airport walking around and showing the baby lamb dog off. People could not get over how cute she was and also how calm and poised she was. Little did they know that the baby lamb girl already knew she was a princess and this was how princess’ act.

The mommy flew home and the baby lamb dog Tabaatha met her daddy and her big brother Baarney. She loved them both immediately. They took her home and when she walked into the house for the first time, she looked around and immediately said “it’s all mine.” She renamed it the Princess Palace. She played with all the toys. She took over the house and she was officially Princess Tabaatha Ewe Are Bewitching Patterson. The mommy and daddy quickly learned what the breeder meant when she said the baby lamb dog “was full of herself.” But it didn’t matter. She owned their hearts and now they all live happily ever after.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Please Help Save These Animals

One of our good friends who has a rescue organization and lives nearby, alerted us to a horrible situation at the Cherokee County Animal Control in Gaffney, South Carolina. This is a horrible, old filthy shelter that is a high kill shelter. Basically, dogs go in and don’t come out. Three animal control officers were charged and later convicted of cruelty to animals. They were using illegal and inhumane methods of euthanisia and they had no licenses, certifications or permits to even put dogs down.

For 3 months, rescue organizations were allowed in and the adoption rate went from 0% to 59%. But now the the Cherokee County Animal Control has shut itself down to rescues. When the rescue organizations came in, they took videos of the deplorable conditions. They also got the Charlotte Observer involved. So, instead of improving the conditions, the Cherokee County Animal Control shut itself off again. Dogs are going in and not coming out. The same animal control officers that were convicted still work there.

You can go to and search for Cherokee County Animal Shelter and you will see videos of some of the doggies that are no longer with us because of this shelter.

We all need to help stop this horrible situation. It’s easy and it doesn’t cost any money. Please write or email the Govenor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford. You can email him by going to When you go here you will get a form. Where the form asks for your "county" just click "out of state." You can also call 803-734-2100.

Let’s all pull together and stop this inhumane treatment of animals.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Friend Whiskey Is A Recycled Dog

We want to introduce you to Whiskey. She is one of our pals we met on Whiskey is a "recycled" dog and the little sister to 12, a Newfoundland, and Chappy, a Leonberger. The happy pack and their family live in Santa Cruz, California.

We intereviewed Whiskey and her family and asked them how she came to be living in her furever home and got recycled. It seems that 12 and Chappy's family decided they wanted to add another dog to their pack and wanted a rescue dog. In September 2008, they started their search at two local pounds. After finishing their search for the day and thinking it was going to take weeks to find just the right dog, they decided to head to a favorite restaurant for a snack. As they were driving towards their destination, they remembered that Animal Friends Rescue Project has a once-a-month adoption day outside of a coffee shop. The coffee shop is on the same road as the restaurant. Unfortunately, they found out the adoption day ends at 1pm, and it was almost 3pm. As they were driving past the coffee shop, they saw a truck containing crates and realized Animal Friends Rescue had not left yet! They pulled in and asked the tired volunteer whether they could take a look at the dogs they had up for adoption. The lady could tell 12 and Chappy's family were not going to leave without meeting the dogs. So the lady from the rescue started to pull out crates. Most of the dogs had already been taken back home, but she had a handful of adorable dogs, mostly Australian Shepherds. After meeting many of the dogs the rescue had, 12 and Chappy's family wanted to meet the little one still in the crate. They were informed that this dog had just been rescued from a kill shelter two days ago and had not even had a bath yet. The lady from the rescue asked if they really wanted to meet her. They said yes. The little pup had a fear of all humans, and they had to do a lot of wrangling to get the pup out of her crate. Once she was out, they could all tell that this girl was really scared- none of the other dogs were. But as you can guess, they fell in love with her right away and decided they were up for the challenge of adopting a "hard to place" pup. They named her Whiskey and filled out the adoption application. It was with great joy and excitement that a week later they took Whiskey home. Whiskey is now a happy, loving family member, and they can't imagine life without her!

When we worked on designing our Recycle. Adopt a Dog shirts, helping doggies like Whiskey find new homes and celebrating these "recycled" doggies were our goals. Whiskey wears her Recycle. Adopt a Dog shirt proudly and looks absolutely beautiful and of course is eco-chic since it is 100% organic. And, thanks to the purchase of this shirt by her mom, two rescue organizations benefited. Read My Paws sent a donation from the purchase of the shirt to the Miniature Pinscher Rescue Outreach and Lizard Wizard Animal Palace.

Everywhere you go, everything you read is about ways to go green. We feel that recycling, adopting a dog is one of the best ways to be eco-friendly.