Monday, May 11, 2009

Being A Social Doggie Is So Tiring!

In the old days, long before Tabaatha or my time, doggies met other doggies and were social by going on walks with their owners. They'd meet friends, do their business and come home and sleep and get treats. A true dog's life. More recently, we've seen the advent of doggie parks and doggie day care where you leave your neighborhood and make play dates. You meet a whole new world of friends. You have a blast but then go home, take a nap and get some treats. But now, it's all changed. Being social has taken on a whole new meaning. Being social means being wired!

If you are a doggie with any ambition, then you need to be wired. You need to have your own email account, web site, blog, Facebook account, MySpace, be on DoggySpace, DoggieWeb and if you're looking for a job...join Linkedin. Plus, I know I'm missing the zillion more social networks that are popping up daily. In fact, doggies barely have time to take their walk through the neighborhood. You can't be gone too long because you have friends to confirm, journals to post, meetings on Facebook. Every minute of every day is filled - except for treat time - and it's exhausting.

Since both Tabaatha and I are working dogs, we have the need to be wired. We have this blog, a web site, emails, Facebook account and we're on DoggySpace and DoggyWeb. Plus we have our other actual jobs. I'm a Spokesdog and she's a Top Model. The bottom line...we aren't doing any of it well. It's tough to keep up with everything and every doggie. With all these sites we have about 1500 friends. Try barkin to them all the time.

The other problem is finding time to do our actual work. We haven't let everyone know about our new expanded organic line or our new organic tank tops. We're too busy confirming and requesting friends.

What's the answer. We have no idea. Wait...let me go post that question on Facebook and see what everyone says. All we know that the saying "it's a dog life" doesn't mean the same thing anymore. It means we have more friends than we could ever have imagined, we're everywhere and mom is wondering how this got so out of hand!

We promise to keep up with things a little better as we learn more or better yet, maybe get ourselves a full time personal secretary!