Monday, September 7, 2009

Read My Paws And Race For The Cure

Cancer has touched too many doggies, family members and friends of ours. That's why we are always on the look out for ways to help, and we found a way. We have signed up a Read My Paws Team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on October 3 in St. Petersburg, Florida. We'd love to have you join our team. You don't need to be a runner. Walkers are encouraged. Doggies, bring your parents along and take them for a walk. You'll meet tons of people who will give you kisses and hugs. You'll also meet lots of doggie friends. It's a great morning out.

Mom and dad have made the Race for the Cure a must do for many years. Like many families, cancer has touched our lives. My Grandma Betty had breast cancer. Tons of close family friends have been diagnosed. One of mommy's best friends, Auntie Jeannie, was diagnosed this year and thankfully she is doing well. My doggy friends Godiva and Bruiser's mommy was also diagnosed and is going through tough chemo treatments right now. My friends Tanner Bub, Cocoa Puff and Ruger's mom, Roxie's mom and Shadow's mom are all breast cancer survivors. And I know I have tons more friends I haven't mentioned here. My daddy lost one of his best friends, Uncle Bruce, to cancer this summer. That's his second close friend he has lost as well as his brother, my Uncle Mark. And my daddy is a cancer survivor and I want him healthy forever! And lets not forget my fellow doggies who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge because of this horrible disease.

So, we'd love you to join our team or help this great cause. There are many ways you can get involved.

  1. If you live in the Tampa area, join our team. There is a 5K (3.1 mile) walk and run. There is a 10K run and a 1 mile kid's run. Doggies can come along too. I've done the race and raised $500 all by myself! To become a part of our team, go to: or email me at . If you've never done this race before, you will be inspired and never forget it.
  2. If you live in Tampa but can't come to the race, you can sign up as part of our team as a Sleep In For The Cure Participant. That means you sign up but you sleep in and get a t-shirt and a pillow case.
  3. If you don't live in the Tampa area, we encourage you to find a Race For the Cure in your area and participate. Here's where you can find a race -
  4. You can also donate to the Read My Paws team by going to and entering a donation.

We also have shirts for doggies that make a difference. We have the Pawsitively For The Cure T-Shirts for doggies available in sizes XS - 2XL. Everytime you buy one and show your support, we are donating $7 from each shirt to the Susan G. Komen foundation. You will look good AND make a difference.

We thank you for your support. This is a chance for humans and doggies to make a difference. Cancer doesn't discrimminate. Let's pull together and help.

Thanks and love,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Animal Shelter in the Tampa Area Has Contaminated Water and Needs Help

We are reposting this message to get the word out about The We Care For Paws Foundation, a no-kill shelter in Brooksville, Florida, who has found out that their water is contaminated with arsenic. This helps explain why some of the people and the dogs have had unexplained illnesses. Right now, they really have no water. As you know, it is hot in Florida so they must have water for the animals. At the end of this message is their paypal account where you can donate. I am also waiting to hear where drop off locations may be, and I will let you know. If you can even help dontate money for one small bottle, that can help a cat for a day. Here's the info from the foundation.

The We Care For Paws Foundation needs some help. Six years ago, the We Care For Paws Foundation decided to open an animal sanctuary in rural Hernando County. This past week, we were notified by the Department of Environmental Protection in Tallahassee that our well is contaminated with Arsenic. The level of contamination is 0.23 mg/L. This means we cannot drink this water. We were provided with coupons for 30 3 liter bottles of Zephyrhills water. While this is generous in most situations, it is not in ours. It takes more than that to provide water for the animals for one day.

The Florida EPA is going to have the water retested. Once that is done, it is my understanding that a filtering system will be placed on the well and the water will be retested every 3 months. This is a continuing process with no time line provided.

We are a small, underfunded, TRUE NO KILL sanctuary. We take the animals nobody else wants due to personality, medical, and other issues. They are rehabilitated and found homes wherever possible. If nosuitable home is available, they stay forever and the sanctuary becomes the forever home. We do euthanize but only when the animal is in pain and the pain cannot be eliminated. When it becomes necessary to help an animals to the rainbow bridge, we make every effort to be with them,hold them and wrap them in a blanket for their trip to Anderson McQueen for cremation.

We operate with donations only. There is no way we can provide water for the animals without the help from people like you and other like minded individuals. Not providing safe water is not an acceptableoption.
We have had numerous problems with the animals over the past six years. Some unexplained which continue to this day. I personally have health issues related to the contaminated water . It was through the elimination of all possibilities that this contamination was uncovered. It is going to take time and resources to decontaminate the animals.

Well Site ID is 270094301

I am asking for your help in getting the word out. We are in desperate need of bottled water and funds to treat the animals. All donations are tax deductable. Donation can be mailed to our mailing address:

We Care For Paws Foundation
6822-22nd Ave N #125
St Petersburg,FL 33710

We have a paypal account for email address:

Our tax ID is 59-3502200

Our Department of Agriculture Information is below:

Business Name
WE CARE FOR PAWS FOUNDATION (Charitable Organization)
Registration Number
Registration Expiration Date

Thank you so much for your assistance!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Please Help Soco, The Recycled Doggie

Our good doggie friends Puppy, Wishbone, Brandon and Khan - who are all recycled doggies - brought to our attention a recycled doggie, Soco, who needs our help.

Soco, is a beautiful pitbull who was rescued and taken to the Yanceyville, NC animal shelter. When they were going to euthanize him, his mom, Susan, who has worked at this shelter for years took him home. Soco has turned into a beautiful, loving, well-behaved boy and as his mom says, "he is her whole life."

Soco is now two and has a torn ACL. He needs it repaired. But the surgery costs $3000. His dad lost his job and his mom only has the income from the animal shelter. If Soco's mom can not raise the money for this surgery, he will need to be put to sleep.

We know times are tough but we ask if you can even spare $1 to help Soco. A fund has been set up at Give Forward, . Soco's vet information is there in case you want to verify his story to be sure where your money is going. We encourage you to do this.

When mommy and I started Read My Paws, one of our goals was to help doggies get adopted and doggies in need. Soco is in need. So, if you want to buy ANY Read My Paws shirt, we will donate $5 per shirt to Soco's fund. Go to

Our shirt "Recycle. Adopt a Dog" was designed to help doggies like Soco. His mommy did recycle and adopted him. Now we need to help him.

We thank you so much for your help. Please pass this message on to as many people as you can.

Love, Baarney

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Strike The Pose...The Life Of A Super Model Doggie

It's Tabaatha, the princess, guest blogging again...

A few weeks ago, I noticed a change in our daily routines. Baarney and I have always gone on long walks, and we love them. But suddenly, the walks got longer and some running was even mixed in. Even better, dad was riding his razor scooter, and we had to pull him. It was all great fun but boy was I working out hard. At the same time, I noticed that many of my favorite peanut butter treats were being replaced by carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. I love my veggies but something was up. I want my peanut butter biscuits too. Then mom told me, and it all made sense. I had a photo shoot for Read My Paws coming up. I am Read My Paws' top model. Like any top model, I know the camera adds at least 10 lbs of fur. So, I was in my pre-photo shoot training period. Mommy was helping me get in peak shape so I would look really good.

The day of the photo shoot arrived. It was like any other day until the dreaded b-a-t-h happened. I don't like baths but when Iwas finished I looked quite beautiful and quite fluffly. Next, a big red backdrop was laid down. And like any good model who is out of hair and make-up, I layed down on the sheet and waited for the photographer. As you can see, I'm quite relaxed and ready for the camera to love me.

Next, wardrobe came, and I started getting dressed. We have some new 100% organic cotton tank tops, and I was to model these for upcoming ads.

Now it was time to strike the pose. I know the camera loves me, and I pose good for it, but I always know that after a good pose there better be a treat. I know Tyra and Giselle probably don't eat for weeks before and during a photo shoot, but not Tabaatha. I expect a treat after every pose. But, the photographer and the creative director wanted pose after pose after pose, and there were no treats. I knew immediately this must be a violation of my contract. So, I did what any good super model would do...I became a diva. I pouted and then I went on strike.

My strike worked. My personal assistant and agent, mommy, understood the problem and suddenly treats showed up. The princess was a happy camper, and the photo shoot went on. Once again I was a huge success and here's a peak at the first ad that has my picture in it.

My personal assistant has not scheduled another photo shoot yet so I'm back to peanut butter treats, ice cream, hiding from the puparazzi and reading my fan mail. I'm even fielding requests for reality shows and reviewing scripts for The Next Fashion Dog. The life of a top model is quite tough, but I handle it well. It's time for me to sign off, get my treat for writing this blog and take a nap. I need my beauty sleep. It's working, don't you think!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm All A-Twitter!

Not long ago, I told you how being a social doggie was very exhausting. Now it just got worse because I'm all a-Twitter!

Yes, I hate to admit it but I'm now on Twitter. I put it off as long as possible, but you can't be top dog and the center of attention at Yappy Hours if you don't have a Twitter account.

My Twitter name is readmypaws. You can send me a message on Twitter @readmypaws. I did my first "tweet" last night. I feel like I'm now truly a social dog and once again top dog. I've got a Barktini event to go to Friday night so after having a few drinks, eating some treats and doing an appropriate amount of sniffing, I can tweet from the Barkini. I can report live and let you know which doggies are cute, which doggies can't hold their drinks, which doggies are peeing on things and which doggies are tons of fun. I know there will be some very jealous doggies at this event.

Being a-Twitter is not without its share of problems. I have to learn a new vocabulary, and there is a whole new level of social pressure on me. If I tweet and don't like it, I will have "mistweeted." If I'm not good at tweeting, all my doggie friends will be calling me a "tweetard!" If I tweet while I've been drinking, I'll be a "dweet." If very few doggies and people follow me, I won't have any "twaffic!"

I'm counting on all of you to help me out. I know you will follow me and be my "tweeps." And, as my number of "tweeps" grow, it won't be long before I have a "twaggle!"
Gotta go tweet,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Today Is The Anniversary of Tabaatha Becoming A Princess

Since today is the two year anniversary of the day Tabaatha came to live with us and changed our world, I let her take over the blog to tell her story.

Once upon a time, there was a mommy who never owned a doggie. She had bad allergies so couldn’t have one. But after some tough times, the mommy told the daddy she was getting a doggie to cheer them up. Not any doggie, but a lamb doggie. So, the beautiful lamb dog Baarney arrived and life was suddenly wonderful and everyone was happy.

The mommy made 2 rules when she got the lamb doggie Baarney. She said no lamb dogs would ever sleep on the bed, and they would never have 2 lamb dogs. After about 3 months with the beautiful, sweet lamb dog Baarney, he suddenly slept an entire night on the bed and has never left it since. The mommy said it really wasn’t a hard and fast rule so it was okay.

But then when the beautiful lamb dog Baarney was about 1 ½ years old, the mommy suddenly kept talking about how maybe another lamb dog to keep Baarney company would be nice. The daddy and the beautiful Baarney just laughed when the mommy wasn’t looking because they knew what was going to happen. Then, the mommy declared 6 months before her birthday that she knew what she wanted for her birthday. She wanted a new lamb dog. The daddy and Baarney new there was no stopping her so they went along. The daddy made only one request…that they get another beautiful boy lamb dog to go with Baarney. The mommy didn’t care as long as she had a lamb dog. The mommy checked with the breeder lady where they got Baarney and found out that new lambie dogs were going to be born and available to be taken home almost exactly on the mommy’s birthday. She cried and said yes she wanted a baby boy lamb dog and couldn’t wait.

The mommy decided that the new baby lamb dog would be called Waally and his official name would be Waally World of Ewe! The mommy told everyone about Waally and was so excited. Then, one day the call came. The lamb dogs were born but there was one problem. There were no Waallys. There were no boys. The mommy was shocked and cried. She told the breeder lady she would get back to her but they would probably have to wait for a boy because daddy insisted on a boy. The mommy spoke to the daddy and was crying. It looked like no lamb doggie for awhile. But the daddy just laughed and said he already talked to the breeder lady and mommy should go get her little girl lamb dog.

Suddenly the mommy realized she didn’t have a name for her little girl. It needed to go with Baarney. So, after thinking and thinking, the daddy said the name and they knew it was the right name. They knew they were going to have a baby girl lamb dog named Tabaatha.

The mommy talked to the breeder lady and told her she wanted a beautiful tomboy. Someone she could play with and run with yet looked beautiful. The breeder lady said she had the perfect little girl lamb dog. She was beautiful, she was so sweet, she was so smart but…she was full of herself. From the moment she was born, she thought she owned the world. The mommy and daddy just laughed and couldn’t imagine a little puppy being like that so they said yes.

On June 19, 2007, the mommy used some of her frequent flier miles and flew to Reagan National Airport in Washington to get the baby girl lamb dog. The mommy had bought a beautiful pink bag to carry her in, had a baby lambie blanket and a baby lambie toy. At about 9:30 am, in the airport, the breeder lady handed the mommy the beautiful baby girl. It was love at first site. The baby lamb dog Tabaatha kissed and kissed the mommy and snuggled into her neck. The mommy just cried. The baby lamb girl was pure black and weighed 4 lbs and had the best puppy breathe and puppy smell. The mommy had her perfect girl. So the mommy and the baby lamb dog girl spent several hours in the airport walking around and showing the baby lamb dog off. People could not get over how cute she was and also how calm and poised she was. Little did they know that the baby lamb girl already knew she was a princess and this was how princess’ act.

The mommy flew home and the baby lamb dog Tabaatha met her daddy and her big brother Baarney. She loved them both immediately. They took her home and when she walked into the house for the first time, she looked around and immediately said “it’s all mine.” She renamed it the Princess Palace. She played with all the toys. She took over the house and she was officially Princess Tabaatha Ewe Are Bewitching Patterson. The mommy and daddy quickly learned what the breeder meant when she said the baby lamb dog “was full of herself.” But it didn’t matter. She owned their hearts and now they all live happily ever after.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Please Help Save These Animals

One of our good friends who has a rescue organization and lives nearby, alerted us to a horrible situation at the Cherokee County Animal Control in Gaffney, South Carolina. This is a horrible, old filthy shelter that is a high kill shelter. Basically, dogs go in and don’t come out. Three animal control officers were charged and later convicted of cruelty to animals. They were using illegal and inhumane methods of euthanisia and they had no licenses, certifications or permits to even put dogs down.

For 3 months, rescue organizations were allowed in and the adoption rate went from 0% to 59%. But now the the Cherokee County Animal Control has shut itself down to rescues. When the rescue organizations came in, they took videos of the deplorable conditions. They also got the Charlotte Observer involved. So, instead of improving the conditions, the Cherokee County Animal Control shut itself off again. Dogs are going in and not coming out. The same animal control officers that were convicted still work there.

You can go to and search for Cherokee County Animal Shelter and you will see videos of some of the doggies that are no longer with us because of this shelter.

We all need to help stop this horrible situation. It’s easy and it doesn’t cost any money. Please write or email the Govenor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford. You can email him by going to When you go here you will get a form. Where the form asks for your "county" just click "out of state." You can also call 803-734-2100.

Let’s all pull together and stop this inhumane treatment of animals.