Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We're Supporting DoggySpace Rescue Groups

Tabaatha and I are members of the most wonderful doggy community there is - Doggyspace.com. We have gotten the best friends in the whole world through DoggySpace. We have also met some awesome doggies and humans who tirelessly work to help rescue dogs and dogs who are in kill shelters find loving furever homes. While we can't help everyone, we are helping two of the DoggySpace Rescue groups supported by our friends. They are the Miniature Pinscher Rescue supported by The Min Pin Gang - Mouse, Scooter, Teenie, Rabit and their Mom. The other Rescue Group is Lizard Wizard Animal Palace run by Brandon, Wishbone & Puppy's Mom. I hope you click on each of their names so you can go and read their stories. They are working so hard to make a difference.

We felt the least Read My Paws could do is give $5 from every shirt purchased to these two great Rescue Groups. In particular, our "Recycle. Adopt a Dog" 100% organic shirts for humans and doggies says its all. Adopting a dog is the best form of recycling. So, now you can go green AND support a great cause. And remember, all our shirts are made in the USA.

Thanks for your help.
Love, Baarney