Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Please Help Save These Animals

One of our good friends who has a rescue organization and lives nearby, alerted us to a horrible situation at the Cherokee County Animal Control in Gaffney, South Carolina. This is a horrible, old filthy shelter that is a high kill shelter. Basically, dogs go in and don’t come out. Three animal control officers were charged and later convicted of cruelty to animals. They were using illegal and inhumane methods of euthanisia and they had no licenses, certifications or permits to even put dogs down.

For 3 months, rescue organizations were allowed in and the adoption rate went from 0% to 59%. But now the the Cherokee County Animal Control has shut itself down to rescues. When the rescue organizations came in, they took videos of the deplorable conditions. They also got the Charlotte Observer involved. So, instead of improving the conditions, the Cherokee County Animal Control shut itself off again. Dogs are going in and not coming out. The same animal control officers that were convicted still work there.

You can go to and search for Cherokee County Animal Shelter and you will see videos of some of the doggies that are no longer with us because of this shelter.

We all need to help stop this horrible situation. It’s easy and it doesn’t cost any money. Please write or email the Govenor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford. You can email him by going to When you go here you will get a form. Where the form asks for your "county" just click "out of state." You can also call 803-734-2100.

Let’s all pull together and stop this inhumane treatment of animals.

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