Thursday, July 23, 2009

Strike The Pose...The Life Of A Super Model Doggie

It's Tabaatha, the princess, guest blogging again...

A few weeks ago, I noticed a change in our daily routines. Baarney and I have always gone on long walks, and we love them. But suddenly, the walks got longer and some running was even mixed in. Even better, dad was riding his razor scooter, and we had to pull him. It was all great fun but boy was I working out hard. At the same time, I noticed that many of my favorite peanut butter treats were being replaced by carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. I love my veggies but something was up. I want my peanut butter biscuits too. Then mom told me, and it all made sense. I had a photo shoot for Read My Paws coming up. I am Read My Paws' top model. Like any top model, I know the camera adds at least 10 lbs of fur. So, I was in my pre-photo shoot training period. Mommy was helping me get in peak shape so I would look really good.

The day of the photo shoot arrived. It was like any other day until the dreaded b-a-t-h happened. I don't like baths but when Iwas finished I looked quite beautiful and quite fluffly. Next, a big red backdrop was laid down. And like any good model who is out of hair and make-up, I layed down on the sheet and waited for the photographer. As you can see, I'm quite relaxed and ready for the camera to love me.

Next, wardrobe came, and I started getting dressed. We have some new 100% organic cotton tank tops, and I was to model these for upcoming ads.

Now it was time to strike the pose. I know the camera loves me, and I pose good for it, but I always know that after a good pose there better be a treat. I know Tyra and Giselle probably don't eat for weeks before and during a photo shoot, but not Tabaatha. I expect a treat after every pose. But, the photographer and the creative director wanted pose after pose after pose, and there were no treats. I knew immediately this must be a violation of my contract. So, I did what any good super model would do...I became a diva. I pouted and then I went on strike.

My strike worked. My personal assistant and agent, mommy, understood the problem and suddenly treats showed up. The princess was a happy camper, and the photo shoot went on. Once again I was a huge success and here's a peak at the first ad that has my picture in it.

My personal assistant has not scheduled another photo shoot yet so I'm back to peanut butter treats, ice cream, hiding from the puparazzi and reading my fan mail. I'm even fielding requests for reality shows and reviewing scripts for The Next Fashion Dog. The life of a top model is quite tough, but I handle it well. It's time for me to sign off, get my treat for writing this blog and take a nap. I need my beauty sleep. It's working, don't you think!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tabby,
You look beautiful as usual but Mommy says it's time for some kissin for you!! I also think it's about time you hire a petite model like myself for the line of Tiny Tots clothes you should get in. After all, modeling does run in my family!! And, unlike the girlee models, I don't have to watch my waistline. Love you girl, Morgie, the Miracle Maltese, AKA, Sheriff of Doggyville and AKA TTTM (Tiny Tots Top Model)

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

I am telling everyone I know a model and Daddy couldn't even get a date in highschool